RSVP Disco

RSVP Events are pleased to host RSVP Under 16s Clubnights at Rojos Vintage Cocktail Bar & Nightclub.  This event is a ticketed party for 12-14 year olds only, organised and run by RSVP Events.


The RSVP 12-14 year old Clubnight is a fully supervised event, where young people can enjoy themselves in a controlled safe environment.  A mixture of music will be played to suit the taste of all young people.  Our main priority will be the health and safety of young people, at all times.





Tickets are available online via only and may be purchased by a parent or guardian using a credit or debit card.


No other ticketing agents will be selling RSVP 12-14 year old Clubnight tickets.


No tickets will be available for purchase at the venue before or during the event.


Attendees must present their ticket at the door where it will be scanned and will not be admitted without it.



Age Restrictions


For this event the age group is strictly 12-14 year olds.  Any person wishing to gain entry to the RSVP 12-14 year old Clubnight who looks over age will be asked to produce ID.  We will not permit any person over the age of 14 entry to our events other than persons employed by RSVP or the venue.



Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs Policy


RSVP Events strictly upholds a no-drug policy at all events, as does the venue (Rojo Vintage Cocktail Bar & Nightclub).


Due to the age group, there is a no-alcohol policy at the event.  No alcohol will be served and attendees will be searched on arrival at the discretion of the event organisers.


The RSVP search procedure will take place before entry to the venue.  Searches take place primary for weapons, alcohol, illegal substances & cigarettes.  Any of the above found, will be confiscated and the police may be called.  Any young person refusing to be searched before entry will not be permitted access into the RSVP 12-14 year old Clubnight.  All legal issues surrounding searching teenagers are strictly adhered to.


If any guest arrives visibly intoxicated, they will be refused entry and monitored by a staff member until collection by a parent or guardian.


There is no smoking allowed at the event.



Arrival and departure at the event


Any queue will be monitored by security and teens may be searched on arrival.


Teens will not be permitted outside without adult supervision.


On departure at any time, ALL teens must be collected by a parent or guardian.  We suggest having a pre arranged place to collect close to the event.


We enforce these policies to ensure the maximum levels of safety.





Trained security staff will be on the door and inside the venue for the entirety of the event and will be on hand to assist anyone at all times.


RSVP staff will also be on hand to answer questions and assist at all times.


There will always be polite friendly staff around the venue to assist or help young people who may have a problem, or incident that they might want to discuss.  No matter how small the problem may be.  RSVP staff will always be on hand to assist young people.


The event will be staffed substantially.


All staff working for the RSVP 12-14 year old Clubnight will be wearing name badges.  Only adults approved to work at the event will be permitted entry.


All our doorstaff are trained in first aid.



Photography inside the venue


Only RSVP-commissioned photographers and videographers will be permitted inside the venue, with image and film rights owned by RSVP.  The photographs and video may appear on the RSVP webpages / social media.  By entering the RSVP 12-14 year old Clubnight you give us consent to take your picture, record video footage, or sound for the purpose of our RSVP social media and websites.


Cameras and cameraphones are permitted for use by teens.


RSVP Events are organised and managed by an experienced team and entry to the event is strictly controlled.  The safety and security of those attending is paramount.



Behaviour and Bullying


RSVP Events requires all persons in the events to treat the venue and others with respect at all times.  A strict anti bullying policy will operate, and if we discover any persons intimidating others or using inappropriate language they will not gain entry, or if inside the event, then they will be escorted from the venue.


Should we have to ask any person to leave an RSVP event for inappropriate behaviour or because of refused entry, we will take every possible step to ensure that the venue or RSVP staff supervise such persons until a parent/guardian is telephoned and arrives to collect them.  Any person found deliberately vandalising the venue will be asked to leave and their guardians will be asked to pay any costs that will have incurred.


For serious offences, the police may be called if necessary and that person will be barred from all future RSVP events.  Fighting will not be tolerated. Anyone who is caught fighting or using violent behaviour will be barred from all future RSVP events.




Exit policy


We prefer and recommend all parents/guardians to collect their child or children at the end of all RSVP events at a pre arranged meeting point close to the event. 
 A quiet and calm exit is expected from all persons attending our RSVP events.





There will be no readmission under any circumstance once you have entered the RSVP 12-14 year old Clubnight.  No refunds will be given.




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