How to use your Condor Ferries voucher

Below you’ll find guidance on how to buy and then use one of our vouchers for Condor Ferries.

Quick Guide

  1. Visit JT and go to our deal for ferry tickets, then purchase one voucher per person
  2. You’ll receive an email confirmation from us of your purchase. Click the link provided to go to your account or go to
  3. Click into each of your vouchers and copy the ‘Voucher Code’. You will not need the ‘Reference number’
  4. Visit the Jersey Deal Condor Booking Page or the Guernsey Deal Condor Booking Page. DO NOT TRY TO BOOK YOUR SAILING VIA THE MAIN CONDOR WEBSITE
  5. Enter your sailing details, including dates, passenger info and seating preference. Then when prompted apply each of the voucher codes you copied in turn. Make sure you have not pasted in a blank space either before or after your code.


  • Seats & Sailings – Whilst we can’t guarantee there will still be seats available on your desired sailing by the time you book online, it’s important that you check the date you want is part of our promotion. Please ensure you click the link to the sailings schedule that’s on our deal page and make sure the date you want is there.
  • Getting your code right – All voucher codes are unique and so can be a complex set of numbers and letters. We kindly suggest you copy your codes direct from your voucher (view the voucher on our site) and then paste them directly into the Condor website.
  • Using your codes in the right place – As stated above you must book and redeem your vouchers using the following webpage and not by browsing to the Condor site and using their main booking form. Please book at this page 

Voucher not working?

Please ensure that you have copied and pasted the correct codes and that you don’t have a blank space before or after your code. The correct code is your ‘Voucher Code’ shown on your voucher itself. Also please ensure that you are not trying to book/redeem your code at the main Condor website and that you have instead gone to the dedicated booking page shown above. If you simply went to or searched on Google, you are probably booking in the wrong place and your codes wont work!

If you’ve done all this and still have problems please email us on


Thanks everyone.

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