Insta Deals

What are Insta Deals?

We are introducing something new for 2018.  Insta Deals will appear on our website for one day and will be valid to redeem on that day ONLY!  Whether you need to fill tables on a quiet evening or need some clients in your salon on a quiet Tuesday – Insta deals will work for you.  Let’s get some spontaneity back and get customers impulse buying again.

What does it cost us?

We charge a 20% commission on the sales to bring you customers in your quieter times – Bargain!

Who are they open to?

Insta Deal are open to all businesses:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Beauty Salons
  • Haridressers
  • Sandwich and Coffee Shops
  • Valeting Businesses
  • And many more!

How do I run an Insta Deal?

Complete the form below with your ideas for an Insta Deals and we’ll get in contact or call us on 882641 with any questions.


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